Discovering Padmasambhava

9 sessions with Arnaud Maitland

In Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s teachings Padmasambhava is considered the second Buddha, Master of Skillful Means, who was one of the founders of Buddhism in Tibet in the eighth century.

Rinpoche introduces this Master of masters mostly experientially through mantras, visual images, Padmasambhava’s biography and projects of creating physical images of the also called Guru Rinpoche.

Arnaud :
Since going on an extended personal retreat, Padmasambhava has become an essential element of my studies and practices, together with Rinpoche’s writings and meditations. Maybe you would like to be introduced to Padmasambhava in a similar way or to have the opportunity to deepen your already existing interest in this person of phenomenal abilities. By sharing we become increasingly familiar with the potential of being human through the multiple dimensions of Padmasambhava that will enrich your life so dearly.

The topics include Rinpoche’s poem Trikaya, White Blossom, King of Wish-fulfilling Gems, Padmasambhava and the Eight Manifestations, prayers, advices, termas, and visualizations. 
Each one of us can discover their entrance to the world of Padmasambhava.

Discovering Padmasambhava is the first program in a series that includes also The Padmasambhava PrinciplePadmasambhava Prayers, and Padmasambhava is Alive.

Download Video recordings and Transcripts

For the video recordings and transcripts of Discovering Padmasambhava we ask a donation of € 108,-. After receiving the donation, we will send you the download link by e-mail.

Discovering Padmasambhava – Registration Closed

  • Januari 24 – March 28 (no session on Januari 30)
  • Sunday-evening 7-8.30 pm Amsterdam time (10-11.30 am PST California)
  • 9 sessions
  • Online by Zoom, you will receive a zoomlink in due time
  • English-spoken

Special price: € 108,-

Please make sure you have a copy of the book Padmasambhava comes to Tibet.
Once enrolled you will receive suggested readings . 

Although these seminars are a work in progress, recordings will be made available afterwards, for your individual study only.

Arnaud Maitland - Lifelong student of Tarthang Tulku and Senior instructor of Kum Nye, Meditation, Skillful Means and Buddhism

Arnaud Maitland is a student of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche and an international retreat leader, teacher and Kum Nye Yoga instructor. Born on May 14, 1946 in The Hague, The Netherlands, Maitland holds a J.D. from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and an MA in Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology from Berkeley, California. Arnaud authored three books: MasterWork, Living Without Regret and Reflections of Faith.