Kum Nye Explorations Session 7 – Nourishing Feelings | Online

With Arnaud and Andis

Four classes on Saturdays Jan. 14, 21, 28, and Feb. 4, 2023 7 – 8.15 am PST/4 – 5.15 PM CEST

The benefits of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s Kum Nye are myriad. For example, we can become capable of healing ourselves. Nobody changes until they change their energy. Increase aliveness without emotional charge.

Kum Nye relaxation awakens a feeling tone that becomes a self-generating massage, a system of self-nurturance. The Kum Nye theory and exercises activate a positive healing process that nurtures us mentally, emotionally, and physically. It rekindles a genuine, inner rhythm that belongs to us.
Self-nurturance is at the base of all positive change.

Imagine no aching memories, self-doubt, cynicism, or lack of faith in one’s potential. No guilt, no blame, no fear, no inner conflict, and no more living with the brakes on. Instead, freshly, directly engaging the present through sympathetic resonance.

Joyfully pursuing one’s potential, simply because the feeling-experience is an ongoing source of self-nourishment and knowingness. Appreciation the leading attitude.

In four sessions we will solely focus on reconnecting with this ever- present source of self-nurturance – Nourishing Feelings.

Kum Nye, please kindle bliss within my body, empower my speech, and spark realization within mind, for the benefit of all.

We will be using all three of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s Kum Nye books – Kum Nye – a Tibetan Yoga (formally Kum Nye Relaxation), The Joy of Being, and Kum Nye Dancing to discover and cultivate Nourishing Feelings. Kum Nye aficionados and beginners are invited to join Arnaud and Andis in four sessions on embodying Nourishing Feelings.

Kum Nye Works!

This Session 7 is an integral part of the series The Mystery of Kum Nye, and Kum Nye Explorations 1-6, all freely accessible on youtube.com

  • Four classes on Saturdays Januari 14, 21, 28 and Februari 4
  • 7 – 8.15 am PST / 4 – 5.15 pm CEST


Donation: € 108 ,-, € 250,- or € 500,-

Financial proceeds are intended for Arnaud’s upcoming one year solitary retreat. Tradition suggests the retreatant or the monastery to not pay for such a retreat, instead by the community (of students). If any merit comes from this retreat, it will be shared with the sponsors, tradition says.

The costs of a one-year retreat are approximately € 15.000,-

Arnaud, a full-time student of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, has been studying and teaching Kum Nye since 1977, and leading seminars, retreats and Kum Nye Teacher programs for over forty years. Living the Kum Nye Experience has been Arnaud’s most recent topic of study.

Andis, the head sculptor of Rinpoche’s art projects, has been fully engaged with Kum Nye since 2009, leading classes and showing many exercises in Kum Nye Explorations 1-6 on youtube.com