Kum Nye Meditation Retreat

Kum Nye Meditation Retreat with Arnaud Maitland in Haus Orbeck - Osnabruck

August 15 – 29, 2020
Osnabrück, Germany
with Arnaud Maitland

You are invited to join a small group of us to explore intensively Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s teachings on refreshing and re-imagining what we really love and care for.
The retreat center and we the organizers, still are hundred percent hopeful the retreat will happen.

First, we will start with the three steps of ‘embodying Kum Nye’, becoming vibrantly alive, using Rinpoche’s book Kum Nye—a Tibetan Yoga. Second, we will turn to Rinpoche’s book The Joy of Being, learning to stay inside the flow and depth of feeling which will open the six senses to their fullness. Third, the gestures from Rinpoche’s third Kum Nye book Kum Nye Dancing stirs a naked awareness as experience no longer will be channeled through thoughts and inner dialogues. Pearls of wisdom will replace habitual compulsive attitudes and behavior into experiencing the openness of ‘I am’, expressing the purpose of being.

We begin to appreciate that each of us is actually living in openness. We are not what we think we are. A beginning of liberating mind from years of conditioning. We will reconnect with our sometimes life-long aspirations for a productive and happy life.
Kum Nye meditation opens the windows of the senses and thus the windows of our soul. But we will go further as we will also focus on clarity as well, as if light is being turned on in a rather dimmed, predictable atmosphere. These teachings help us to not settle for less but to open up and discover it is safe to be who we really are – loving, caring, dynamic people.

Arnaud will leave his year-long retreat temporarily to guide this process. We would love to welcome you too.

Retreat Costs:
Single room, shared bath: € 1880
Single room, private bath: € 1945

If you are interested in participating please contact Jutta Fethke by e-mail.

May you be well – Om Ah Hum
Arnaud Maitland

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