Kum Nye Meditation Retreat

Kum Nye Meditation Retreat with Arnaud Maitland in Haus Orbeck - Osnabruck

August 16 – 29, 2021
Osnabrück, Germany
with Arnaud Maitland and Andis Egle

Dear Kum Nye Meditation Afficionado,

A new Kum Nye orientation is coming this August 16-29, 2021, with the intention to come back to our heart’s essence.

Since Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche has introduced Kum Nye as healing practices, there have been all kinds of presentations of this precious teaching. In the first years we had extensive, long, Kum Nye retreats. But lately since time and money are more sparse, Kum Nye has been presented in weekly classes or short term programs. More recently, the Kum Nye Teacher Trainings were probably the most comprehensive, in-depth studies offered. The two week Kum Nye Meditation retreat held annually during the month of August, has opened new dimensions of Rinpoche’s Kum Nye treasure trove.

Kum Nye is not a gradual, developmental teaching and so you can dive into the ocean of Kum Nye in a myriad of ways, instantly. It seems the three Kum Nye books still contain a taste of blessings that give the work of Kum Nye impact continuously.

In the upcoming Kum Nye Meditation retreat, August 16-29, we will be exploring Kum Nye from yet another, unusual orientation and I propose as follows: Rinpoche writes that one of the resources of the first Kum Nye book is ‘living according to physical and universal laws’. Therefore, when we focus on the first book during this retreat, we will not do the exercises to relieve stress, transform negative patterns and become more balanced and healthy, but rather letting the source of Kum Nye inform our practice, disclosing our infinite openness and light, making the postures and movements point to the nature of all existence. The pervasive stillness in between and around the exercises will transcend us into the well of our being, similar to the silences in musical phrasing transport the music lover into infinity.
Engaging in the first book exercises, may feel like coming back to feelings we might have had as children when we did not hold back, when we were not on guard or trying to fit in. Making a link between infinity and our everyday embodiment will awaken a fresh, happy, and positive wholeheartedness.

The second book, The Joy of Being, also allows for many different presentations. For example, we have spent much time on the cultivation of the breath, Kum Nye for the mind, and the ten ways we tend to fall away from feeling complete within and how to come back. But during this August, the senses awaken to become open-ended, free from residues of past and identity. Can you imagine to see and hear without grasping, without judgment, without ‘I’? Without borders in space and time, totally new communications of all kinds will become accessible to each one of us. The texts mention that with pure perception, we increasingly come back to a new kind of knowingness, reflecting a core of goodness and love.

Then, finally in the third Kum Nye Dancing book, it will be the light and space that is dancing within. All gestures will be like flickering lights, expressing wisdom, both serious and playful, with perfect timing. It may reveal that luck might not be accidental.

In addition to Kum Nye, we will yet have another, fresh approach to Rinpoche’s book Revelations of Mind pointing to the possibility everything is already awake once identity is seen for what it is. Is it possible that our lives are already unfolding according to a path of understanding?

And finally, what will be the face of the Nye in our embodiment and of the scope of the Kum? How to discover the heart’s essence, what is not destructible within? To draw out this knowingness, we will invite Padmasambhava, whose presence is very much alive today.

In opening up, we cannot just settle for a pleasant experience. It can be an essential learning experience, also providing tools to guide and protect. In one retreat a few years ago, we used the Om Ah Hum mantra for that particular purpose. Now we will branch out to include Vajra, Guru, Padma, and Hum. We are not alone in our spiritual endeavors.

In Rinpoche’s teachings the material and spiritual worlds come together and we can be living on its cutting edge. Let us come back to our sparkling open nature.

It seems, we may be fortunate again and come back to retreat, from August 16 – 29th, 2021.

For more information and registration, please contact Jutta at j.fethke[at]web.de.

May you be well – Om Ah Hum
Arnaud Maitland

Retreat Costs:
Double room: € 1760,- per person
Single room, shared bath: € 1890,-
Single room, private bath: € 1955,-
In case corona measures prevent us from holding the retreat, the registration fee will be reimbursed in full.