Caring for Emotions – Gestures of Compassion | Online | Start March 5th

Explore the processes that heal emotionality

Caring for Emotions – Gestures of Compassion is 14-weeks course open to anyone willing to work with and explore their emotions, based on the book Caring by Tarthang Tulku. The ‘Caring’ approach has the power to heal emotions. It helps you to cultivate a compassionate and wise friendship towards yourself and others.

Some feelings are neutral, or so gentle that we do not notice them; others – as when we feel good or bad – affect our thoughts, attitudes and actions more strongly.

Tarthang Tulku – The Joy of Being, p. 91

This course, Caring for emotions looks at ways to apply attention and mindfulness in order to:

  • Explore our inner conditions that result in emotional reactivity
  • Learn and discover how emotional patterns really happen
  • Practice the attitude of unconditional acceptance that can heal emotions
  • Face the challenges of transforming negativity
  • Discover and immerse into the language of the heart
  • Apply the process of healing emotions during daily life

Suffering and ignorance are no theory: they are real. For that reason, when it comes to caring we need to remember the practical side as much as possible. We need to practice daily how to take care of our thoughts, emotions, and problems.

Tarthang Tulku – Caring, p.143


Bram Williams is a long term student of yoga, dharma and Nyingma. As an experienced Kum Nye student and teacher he’s attended many programmes and trainings in California, as well as annual Kum Nye retreats in Holland and Germany. Bram now practices and teaches in London and Oxford. Currently studying fascial anatomy, Bram is also an occasional puppeteer and a qualified Lip-Reading Tutor.

Topics per class

  • Week 1: Heart and Emotionality
  • Week 2: The seed and growth of caring
  • Week 3: Paying Attention – the path of staying with feelings
  • Week 4: Touching Body Energy
  • Week 5: Communicating with the Body
  • Week 6: Wheel of life – three poisons
  • Week 7: Transforming Emotions
  • Week 8: Emotional Chains
  • Week 9: The Early Warning System
  • Week 10: Emotions and Emotional Balance
  • Week 11: The Healing Medicine of Caring
  • Week 12: The Emotional World
  • Week 13: Surfing the Waves of Emotion
  • Week 14: Gestures of Balance

Practical information about the course Caring for Emotions – Gestures of Compassion


Start on March 5th
14 weeky online classes on Tuesday evenings 20:00-21.30 CEST (19:00 – 20.30 GMT)


Classes are experiential in nature with a variety of practices including; Tibetan Yoga (Kum Nye), meditation, visualization, self-reflection and group sharing.
The classes are held online through Zoom and will be English spoken.

For who

Those new to Caring are very welcome – and those who have completed the first Caring course will find it compliments the previous course well.


€ 175,-

A copy of the Caring book is recommended – available in Dutch language through Lotus Design Shop or English language through Dharma Publishing.