Kum Nye Healing | Online

5 Month International Program with Tetske Hoitsma and Abbe Blum

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Co-organised by Nyingma Centrum Nederland and Nyingma Institute Berkeley

  • 18 intensive online classes of 1,5 hrs on Wednesday (or Thursday)
  • Two practice oriented workshops of 2,5 hrs. each – online and in person January 29 and April 16
  • A closing weekend retreat with two groups combined – online June 2-4
  • Open to Kum Nye teachers and students with Kum Nye experience
  • Program costs € 345 / $ 345 – can be paid in 5 monthly installments of € 69/$69 per month

May Kum Nye give your life more and more joy and fulfillment.
Tarthang Tulku

What is Kum Nye Healing?

In Kum Nye we activate, stimulate and transform feelings and energies. Kum Nye Healing develops these inner processes, deepening our practice. Through contacting the inner resources for self-healing, we discover that nothing is missing; we are complete within. We also direct this wholeness into the world, for the well-being of others. All that we need to do is to refine and cultivate our inner resources. Nothing else needs to be done. Whatever happens, the anchor is inside, not outside.

The word ‘healing’ seems to come up because something is missing. Body and mind can be like a complete team. When the mind seems to be outside the body, separation is there. Kum Nye “keeps” the mind in the body. Breathing is the bridge between mind and body and between inside and outside. Through the breath we are connected to universal laws.

Kum Nye Healing is about inviting healing. We become “facilitators of healing” who enable the healing process. It begins with feeling complete – nothing is missing. We learn to cultivate good intentions. They can direct our energies to wholeness and lead to an open heart and mind. When we are guided by Kum Nye practice, our creative imagination becomes a powerful tool.
The practice path of Tarthang Tulku’s Kum Nye teachings awakens an open mind in a healthy body, allowing creativity to become our way of being. Through Kum Nye we discover our natural openness and willingness to care, and we also learn to inspire others and ourselves. When we approach each situation freshly and directly, self-healing begins. We go further and deeper, and our intentions become more intimate and more selfless.

Register for the Kum Nye Healing International Program

Full program with 18 classes, two workshops and the weekend retreat: € 345 / $ 345.

Fee may be paid in 5 monthly installments of € 69 / $69 per month.

Registration for group 1 has closed.

Contents of the Kum Nye Healing program

The Kum Nye Healing teachings focus on the following topics:

  • Our body as a source of energy and knowledge
  • Our breath is a major healing instrument
  • Opening the senses 360°, in all directions
  • Loosening knots in the heart
  • Exploring the capacity to heal ourselves and others, f.i. the healing circle
  • Healing the demanding and needy “I”
  • Healing the chakras and channeling energies
  • Using the elements, senses and colors of the Mandala

This program is based on the 9-day Kum Nye Healing created by Arnaud Maitland in 2018 and taught internationally.

Kum Nye Healing includes theory and practice from Tarthang Tulku’s Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga and Joy of Being. These two books are required and can be purchased through Dharma Publishing or the Lotus Design shop in the Netherlands.

This program features healing circles: mainly the circles will be held during the workshops and the retreat. The focus of each healing circle will develop as the program grows and will be shaped by all participants. Meditation, mantra, visualization, prayer and self-observation are also part of the program.

During the week students practice specific Kum Nye exercises and have readings from Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga and Joy of Being.

Suggested practice time: an hour each day.


Abbe Blum

Abbe Blum is a long time student of Tarthang Tulku and a seasoned teacher, presenting Kum Nye, Joy of Being, Lotus Trilogy and Nyingma Psychology at Nyingma Institute and Dharma College, both in Berkeley. She worked as one of the editors on several of Rinpoche’s latest books.

She holds a B.A. from UC Berkeley, an M.A. from Cambridge University, England, where she was a Marshall scholar, and a Ph.D. in English Literature from Yale University. As an Associate Professor at Swarthmore College, she taught Shakespeare and intensive writing seminars, and she currently teaches in the School of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry at Saybook University.

Tetske Hoitsma | Docent Kum Nye en Caring bij Nyingma Centrum Nederland

Tetske Hoitsma has worked for more than 40 years as a physiotherapist and haptotherapist in various rehabilitation centers. In addition, she has followed years of training in energy work. Guiding people who suffer from the loss of their health and need to find a new balance in their lives has always had her heart. Tetske has been involved with Nyingma Centrum Nederland since 1998 and teaches Kum Nye. She was the main coordinator of the Basic Training for Kum Nye trainers and has opened her heart to Caring: the path of caring for yourself and others with respect and unconditional friendship.

Who can attend the Kum Nye Healing program

Kum Nye Healing develops Kum Nye as an integral part of everyday life. All Kum Nye students who wish to deepen their personal practice are very welcome to attend this transformative and deepening program.

For Kum Nye level 1 instructors, Kum Nye Healing is a sequel training that will deepen their Kum Nye practice and their understanding of Kum Nye as a healing practice.

We also expect this program to be an important step towards eventual Joy of Being teacher training

Language: English

Maximum number of participants: 23 (per group)

Program structure

The program consists of 18 weekly online classes, two workshops and a final weekend retreat.

  • Group 1: Classes on Wednesdays 10:00-11:30 AM (PST) Berkeley | 19:00- 20:30 hrs (CET) Amsterdam. Find your local time through timeanddate.com. Jan-May 2023, see full class schedule below.
  • Group 2: Classes on Thursdays 6.00-7.30 PM PST Berkeley (register through Nyingma Institute).
  • Two Sunday workshops 10:00-12.30 PST/ 19.00- 21.30 CET on:
    • January 29 – Introduction of the healing circle
    • April 16 – Healing circle (for other people)
  • Final online weekend retreat ‘Stimulating the Wholeness of Being’ on June 2-4, 2023. Sessions Fri-Sat-Sun 9-Noon PST/ 18.00-21.00 CET.

Weekly classes are online and will be taught in two parallel groups. Group 1 is jointly presented from Europe and the USA by both teachers. Group 2 is offered through Nyingma Institute Berkeley. The two workshops featuring the healing circles will be online as well as in-person.

The weekend retreat ‘Stimulating the Wholeness of Being‘ is the culminating part of the 5-month Kum Nye Healing program and brings the two class groups together. During the retreat the sessions will be held online. The retreat may also be attended separately by those who have not been a part of the program.

Weekly Class Schedule – group 1
Wednesdays 10:00 – 11:30 AM (PST) | 19:00 – 20:30 hrs (CET)

January 11Introduction: Feeling Complete Within. Feeling Safe
January 18Healing Separation: Tuning in, Easing Mind
January 25Opening into the Field of Experience. Accessing Inner Resources
February 1Restoring Communication with the Heart
February 15Open to Communication from within and without
March 1Healing Circle – Open in All Directions: Universal Laws
March 8Clear, Calm, Deepening: More Comprehensive Pictures of Experience
March 15Healing Circle –Caring. Opening Joy
March 22Healing and Balancing: Center of the Body
March 29Healing Circle
April 5Healing the Mind 1
April 12Healing the Mind 2 – Union of Earth and Sky. Head Center
April 19Open mind, Reeling mind. Paths of Service and Energy
May 3Healing Circle
May 10Understanding Healing Mind. Universal Law of Attraction
May 17Fundamental Openness
May 24Healing Circle
May 31Energy Meets Energy. Steps for the Kum Nye Healer

Once we are in tune with universal laws, our purpose in life becomes clear. Through Kum Nye Healing we are no longer separate from ourselves. We feel complete within. Nothing is missing; nothing then needs healing, for the nature of our being is open.
— Arnaud Maitland, Kum Nye Healing Teachings, 2018