Leven en werken op Odiyan | In gesprek met Magda Costa

Wat is Odiyan? Hoe is het om daar te leven en te werken?

Friday, March 5, 7:00 – 8:15 PM (CET)

Online Talk: “Living and Working at Odiyan: Maintaining a Home for the Dharma in the West”

Magda will talk about living and working in the temple complex of Odiyan, where she works closely with Tarthang Tulku, who also lives there.
A unique peek into the daily goings-on in a unique envirionment.
With visual materials.

To join the talk, please register by e-mail, so that we can send you the log-in Zoom link.

Donations for Odiyan are welcome (and tax-deductable in the Netherlands). If you make a donation, please write “Donation Odiyan” in the text box.

All income from the talk will go entirely to Odiyan.

Deze lezing markeert het begin van de retraite The Nectar of Healing and Well-being. Ook niet-deelnemers aan de retraite zijn welkom deze Engelstalige Talk bij te wonen.