Prayerflags for Worldpeace | June 10

Online presentation by Claudio Moraes and Rita Toledo

Friday June 10, 19.00-20.00 hrs CET / 10-11 am PST

“According to scriptures, prayers, texts, mantras and images printed on fabric that flutter like flags generate a sacred healing power that has an effect on the entire environment and all beings that inhabit it.”

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche

Concerned about the new war on the European continent, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche requested the Nyingma Centers in Amsterdam and Cologne to jointly produce prayer flags intended for our own centers and for the retreat center of Odiyan where Rinpoche lives and works.

He personally designed the flags for this situation. Carried by the wind, the flags spread a message of peace and harmony in the world and the work on them will protect our centers and our countries.

Our colleagues at the Nyingma Centers in São Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, already have been working in making different prayer flags since 2005.

They kindly offered to be with us and give a presentation about the work on the flags, its benefits and meritorious result for all beings.

The presentation by Claudio Moraes and Rita Toledo will be in English and they will talk about the meaning of some flags, their positive healing power for the environment and the extremely good merit accumulated by those who work with the Prayer Flags.

Come Join Us!

The presentation is free of charge. Donations for the Prayerflags Europe Project are very welcome.

Do you feel drawn to working with the flags?
Then please also sign up for the retreat weekend Sacred Energy that takes place from August 5-7. In this special weekend we will make a start on sewing the flags with the help of Skilfull Means, mantra and special prayers. Participation in the retreat weekend is on a donation basis.