The Power of Prayer Flags

Online lecture by Magda Costa and Caroline van Tuyll

Friday June 3, 17:00-18:00 hrs CET / 8-9 am PST

Preceding the first session of the How to active devotion series, Magda and Caroline will give a free talk on the sacred and invisible communication of prayer flags, also showing some beautiful pictures of the vast variety of flags now flying at Odiyan and elsewhere in the world. In this talk we will also briefly inform you about the new European prayer flag project that Rinpoche requested the Dutch and German center to start. The newly designed prayer flags will be flying at Odiyan and our European centers to help promote harmony and world peace.

The talk will be held in English. All our friends and students are warmly invited to attend.

This online lecture is free of charge. Donations are welcome.

Following the lecture, you are welcome to join the online practice series How to Activate Devotion, june 3-5.