Revelations of Mind | Online

9-month international program based on Revelations of Mind by Tarthang Tulku

This international program introduces you to Tarthang Tulku’s groundbreaking book Revelations of Mind. Over the course of 9 months you will be guided in carefully analyzing the operations of mind that keep us in bondage. Doing so lessens their habitual hold on you. And gives you acces to an inner freedom that opens up new ways of understanding, engaging and celebrating experience.

‘If we were fully attuned to the creative unfolding of each moment and all that this unfolding potentiates, our lives could manifest like chapters in a deeply engaging book. We could savor experiences while their flavors were still alive with the freshness of immediacy .’
Tarthang Tulku in Revelations of Mind – Introduction

Revelations of Mind – Program structure

  • 31 online classes and a live-online retreat in Amsterdam
  • September 11, 2023 – May 27, 2024
  • Mondays 19.00 – 20.30 PM CEST / 10 – 11.30 AM PST
  • English spoken
  • Min 12 – max 23 participants
  • Led by Elske van de Hulst
  • Program costs: € 585,-
  • Fee may be paid in 9 installments of € 65,- per month

Published in 2012, Revelations of mind formed the kick-off of the new Understanding Self and Mind series of books, authored by Tarthang Tulku. This dynamic new series, retroactively starting with Knowledge of Freedom, by now includes Keys of Knowledge, Dimensions of Mind, Ok Mantra and the Lotus Trilogy. All books in this series offer an uniquely innovative way to open you to dimensions of mind and embodiment. They tend to stay hidden if you don’t question the conditioning that shapes your reality.

Experiential inquiry

Revelations of Mind supports a fresh experiential inquiry into, wat the book calls, the mechanisms of the regime of mind. In this intense program, none of your habits are excluded from this fearless questioning. For example: What do you actually do when you say you meditate? And what exactly is going on when you find yourself over and again solving problems? By again and again looking closely into the essential operations of mind, their automatic spell on you will loosen up.

The insights of Revelations of Mind are related to the timeless knowledge of mind that is key to Buddhism. However, no kind of Buddhist or religious attitude is required to study your mind by means of this book and program. That is the great gift of a great book by a great master who invites you to embrace the freedom and boundless potential that is your birthright as a human being.

Format of the program

The weekly online classes will consist of exercises, explorations, discussion, experiment, contemplation, reflection, readings, dialogue and exchange. Between classes, there will be self-observation assignments. They aim to carry the investigation into daily life as well as reading assignments preparing for the next meeting. There will also be suggestions for a daily contemplative practice.

The program follows the book Revelations of Mind curiously at a pace of average one – two chapters per week. Participants will need to buy the book, which is available in USA through Dharma Publishing. Dutch participants can also order the book through the Lotus Design store at Nyingma Centrum in Amsterdam and pick it up there if they wish. Not mandatory but warmly recommended is The Joy of Being. This book will be our side kick during the entire program and especially in the retreat.

Revelations of Mind by Tarthang Tulku - book cover

‘As we tap a new source of understanding and attune ourselves to inner inquiry, we understand we are not missing anything that we need. Inner and outer walls begin to crumble of their own accord when we trust that knowledge is totally available, like sunlight.’
Tarthang Tulku in Revelations of Mind p 392

Retreat Mind at Ease: included in the program

Included in the Revelations of Mind program is a retreat planned for February 21-25, called Mind at Ease. It will be co-taught by Elske van de Hulst, Abbe Blum and Bram Williams. In this retreat you will work with materials from Revelations of Mind, combined with exercises and readings from Tarthang Tulku’s second Kum Nye book The Joy of Being. This book also offers experiential ways to open up the treasures of directly engaging experience.

Online participation in the retreat’s core sessions is included in the program costs. However, all program program participants are warmly encouraged to join in person in Amsterdam if they can. There will be extra experiential practice sessions daily and the opportunity to meet and have meals with their fellow students. Room, board and all retreat sessions will be available for Revelations of Mind program participants at only €45 surcharge per day. Though online meetings do their job very well, we look forward to welcoming you in person at Nyingma Centrum in Amsterdam!


Elske van de Hulst co-dean and senior instructor at Nyingma Centrum Nederland

Elske van de Hulst is co-dean and senior instructor at Nyingma Centrum Nederland in Amsterdam.

Between 1969 and 1995, she worked in the theatre as an actress, director and author. She taught at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and for many years was a member of the Dutch Arts Council. In 1998 she started studying the theatre of the mind, guided by Tarthang Tulku’s books, and has not stopped since.

Elske teaches Meditation, Knowledge of Freedom, Revelations of Mind, Dimensions of Mind, Caring and Lotus Trilogy teachings in Amsterdam and elsewhere.

Who can attend

The Revelations of Mind program is a good sequel for those who have previously studied Knowledge of Freedom and /or Dimensions of Mind. Experienced students of Dharma or the Time Space Knowledge vision are also welcome to join.

All participants should be prepared and willing to deeply and intimately investigate the architecture of their daily experience. Also to research the way unquestioned assumptions tend to establish our ‘reality’. This investment in open and caring inquiry will bring freedom from limiting habitual patterns. It will help you wake up to your full human potential.

Program description Revelations of Mind

31 online online classes on Mondays and 1 retreat – live and online

Sept 11Opening session: Revelations of Mind Introduction
Sept 18The Central Importance of Mind
Sept 25Mind and I
Oct 02The Business of Mind
Oct 09Mind and Language
Oct 16Rules for Reality
Oct 23no class (Autumn holiday)
Oct 30Customer Mind
Nov 6Mind on Automatic
Nov 13Identifier Mind
Nov 20Victimizing Mind
Nov 27Dependence on Identity
Dec 4Questioning the Foundation
Dec 11Mirrors of Mind
Dec 18Silence and Awareness
Dec 25 and Jan 1no class (Christmas holidays)
Jan 8The Problem of Ownership / Getting What we look for
Jan 15Cutting through Mind Business
Jan 22Closed Circuitry of Mind
Jan 29Understanding the Inner Story
Feb 05Validating the Validator
Feb 12Turning toward Clarity
Feb 19no class
Feb 21- Feb 25Mind at Ease live-online retreat based on Revelations of Mind and Joy of Being – led by Bram Williams and Elske van de Hulst
Feb 26no class
March 4Time to Understand
March 11Architect of Time
March 18Labels and Identity
March 25The Forward Thrust of Time
April 01No class (Easter Holiday)
April 08A Seeming Continuity
April 15Opening the Nanosecond
April 22Ground of Illusion
April 29no class (May holidays)
May 06Sensitivity of Mind
May 13Engine of Mind
May 20Another Kind of Mind
May 27Closing session